mar. 4th, '24 — removed dream journal and tech page due to inactive use. considering remodeling the site again for more simplicity.

feb. 11, '24 — finally wrote something for my writing page [gasp]. updated music obsession.

feb. 10, '24 — new art added to the digital art page. new journal entries. created the dream journal page.

feb. 9, '24 — new journal entry. created the 'tech' page, which i may or may not keep up.

feb. 7, '24 — new journal entry. updated writing page.

feb. 5, '24 — new journal entry. updated the art page and astrology page.

feb. 3, '24 — added a disclaimer for the bookshelf page and credit for the lace borders cuz i forgot.

feb. 2, '24 — bookshelf page created. new astrology entry. updated current music obsession. small tweaks on other pages.

jan. 28, '24 — new journal entry.

jan. 27, '24 — updated the shrine page, which is still a WIP. new journal entry.

jan. 26, '24 — created the astrology page.

jan. 25, '24 — updated the music page and the about page.

jan. 24, '24 — added a music page that got a bit verbose. 🗿 i ain't taking it down tho. oh, and new journal entry, fixed the 'before you enter' page, and added mobile adaptability.

jan. 22, '24 — version 2.0 launched. super happy for what i did, took the whole weekend to build it.

thank you to Simon @ Solaria for the lace borders and tutorial.

current music obsession

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some of my favs!


studying astrology and tarot

video games

a plague tale
cyberpunk 2077
mirror's edge
hellblade: senua's sacrifice


call me by your name
spider-man: into the spider-verse + across the spider-verse
black swan


the good place
bojack horseman
breaking bad


title fight
ariana grande (she's really testing my patience w/ her behavior ngl but i love her down)
the smiths
life on venus
the cure
linkin park


attack on titan
sailor moon
serial experiments: lain
ergo proxy
death note


human design


online interpretations are ones i take with a grain of salt. i personally study ancient western astrology. resonation is bullshit. your chart is a map of your life, not a personality assessment. however, for the funzies, here is my big three.


life path number 4

These people are successful at what they do thanks to their perseverance and systematic work. Consistency and order are very important to them. They will achieve success later in life by working hard. Patience is important. These people are practical and conservative. They do not like changes but they do not like monotonous life either. They are usually physically strong, so they prefer activities where they can use their physical strength and dexterity. They are hardworking. They need to be sure of their partner's loyalty.
Weaknesses, what should be learned:
Beware of carelessness and a narrow view of life. These people should be careful when they are making decisions. What they experience should not be turned inward because it will affect the nervous system; it is therefore important to release cumulated energy. These people might lack confidence.

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les deux amies by toulouse-loutrec

yeah people believe that you and your girlfriend are just friends, either because you're very discreet or because they're blind. you want to live off your passion and move to the south of France or northern Italy. your favourite character from heroes of Olympus is probably will solace.

big five personality test

What Dere Type Are You?
What Dere Type Are You?
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What Tarot Card Are You?

The Empress

You are only independent insofar as you have others to care for. This makes you dependent in your independence. They want your knowledge, your skills, your talents, your affection. What can they give in return? “Teeth” is not an acceptable answer, nor is “keeping the shadows to the corners”, nor is “glory”, nor is “love”. There is no acceptable answer, no gift of a magnitude which can match the thing you know, which is that they are taking from you. They are stealing from you. You should stop them from doing that, darling. You only have so much to give. You are not infinite, and when they have taken their last they will remind you of that. My advice is this: give enough to keep them at bay, but be careful. Their teeth can turn on you too. There is no easier way to make an animal dangerous than by feeding it.

OSPP Four Temperaments Test

To Whom Does Your Heart Belong?

the basics

name: jamie
age: 22
birthday: march 25th
pronouns: he/him
mbti: who knows
enneagram: 4w5

i honestly don't know what to put here. i'm terrible at talking about myself unless it's in the most critical, disparaging way i possibly can. it's partially out of habit, so no one else can harshly critique me because i was already one step ahead. but, i think, since this is my page and there's a possible expectation to be as real and vulnerable than one otherwise would be on traditional social media — i think i just want someone to tell me how they percieve me and hope it's a good perception. i want someone to tell me i'm good and truly mean it. i want to feel important.

i've recently decided to renovate my room, as of january, 2024. it's never been anything special but the colour blue has always been the accent colour of it, and my life, really. it's my favourite color. blue hour is my favourite time of day, aside from early evening when the sun's just about to set and the clouds have gone yellow before the sky can. my hair has been blue since i was 13, all kinds of shades. however, lately i've been feeling a pull to graduate from the colour in my life, and i like how symbolic that is. leaving my youth behind, finally getting my footing as an adult at only 22, almost 23, because so much of my adult life has been catastrophically ruined by my own hand and circumstances out of my control. anyway, i think green is a good colour. an earthy, muted kind of green. it feels refreshing. like spring, which is my favourite season. i can't wait for spring to come.

i'm hoping to become a web developer or software developer by the end of this year. despite being a good student and told i'm extremely intelligent, school has never been very easy. this might have to do with going to terribly overcrowded and underfunded public schools, on top of the damage that improper homeschooling has done to me academically, not to mention psychologically. i barely passed high school and dropped out of community college 3 times because of one reason or another. incompetent professors, COVID, tuition payment errors (this one happened recently and i broke down crying when i woke up one day and saw i've been randomly dropped from all my classes because of an error between my bank and the school. my luck!)

after i reach financial freedom and independence, i would love to be an artist professionally. full time or not, it doesn't matter to me. the older i get, the more i realize i can't stick to one thing. jack of all trades, a master of none. i'd love to make some money off of my art though. that's the dream.

— january 22, 2024