mar. 4th, '24 — removed dream journal and tech page due to inactive use. considering remodeling the site again for more simplicity.

feb. 11, '24 — finally wrote something for my writing page [gasp]. updated music obsession.

feb. 10, '24 — new art added to the digital art page. new journal entries. created the dream journal page.

feb. 9, '24 — new journal entry. created the 'tech' page, which i may or may not keep up.

feb. 7, '24 — new journal entry. updated writing page.

feb. 5, '24 — new journal entry. updated the art page and astrology page.

feb. 3, '24 — added a disclaimer for the bookshelf page and credit for the lace borders cuz i forgot.

feb. 2, '24 — bookshelf page created. new astrology entry. updated current music obsession. small tweaks on other pages.

jan. 28, '24 — new journal entry.

jan. 27, '24 — updated the shrine page, which is still a WIP. new journal entry.

jan. 26, '24 — created the astrology page.

jan. 25, '24 — updated the music page and the about page.

jan. 24, '24 — added a music page that got a bit verbose. 🗿 i ain't taking it down tho. oh, and new journal entry, fixed the 'before you enter' page, and added mobile adaptability.

jan. 22, '24 — version 2.0 launched. super happy for what i did, took the whole weekend to build it.

thank you to Simon @ Solaria for the lace borders and tutorial.

current music obsession

last edited: february 4th, 2024

introduction ☿

Hello! I'm Jamie, the entity that creeps this arcane space on the world wide web.

Here, I'll be sharing my art (digital art, 2D and 3D) and writing (both fan fiction and original fiction), amongst other things like my interests and opinions. I'm also heavily interested in astrology (Western astrology, specifically) and will share my own thoughts regarding my personal chart, transits, and perhaps worldly predictions if I have the time and motivation to do so.

Who knows what else I might be up to. I change my mind a lot.

Sign my guestbook if you want.

Please be nice. Thank you, web surfer. ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾


  • repair THE VOID
  • fix the responsiveness (again)
  • complete the dishonored shrine
  • add the ability to filter posts by tag.
  • build the astrology page again
  • make a dream journal
  • build the shrine page
  • make more art
  • write something, it's been 3 months
  • fix the layout so that when the main part grows the sidebars stay put

my soul: a playlist

when bonding with an online friend, we exchanged playlists we both made that would be used to describe both of our souls.

here's the playlist i made.

spotify playlist

sites i like ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚

shoot me an email if you want to be added/removed.

click on my button to download. (no hotlinking pls)

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