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jan. 22, '24 — version 2.0 launched. super happy for what i did, took the whole weekend to build it.

thank you to Simon @ Solaria for the lace borders and tutorial.

current music obsession

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things i learned today | 1/27/2024 + life updates

january 27th, 2024 @ 6:17 am

currently listening to: Aegen by MALICE MIZER

After the US won the Spanish-American war and gained sovereignty over Puerto Rico, the US appointed Charles H. Allen as governor of Puerto Rico, who subsequently mismanages the public funds to give to American-owned business on the island. He refused to provide any benefits to the people on the island, like providing adequate infrastructure and schooling. 85% of the school-aged population did not have schools. Instead, he built roads at double the cost, provided railroad subsidies for American-owned sugar plantations, and gave US bueraucrats in the Puerto Rican government high salaries. Then, after apointing American loyalists in the government, he resigns, only to come back and build the American Sugar Refining Company, AKA Domino sugar. US banks flock to the island, hand out predatory loans to acquire more land, building more and more sugar farms on the island. Essentially overnight, the US also devalued and outlawed Puerto Rico's original currency, meaning every single Puerto Rican citizen lost half of their wealth.

more from this video: How the US Stole Puerto Rico by Johnny Harris

I tried the "Latina Baddie" makeup tonight and it looked so fucking bad, as i predicted. I have pretty good makeup skills but I just don't have the facial features for it. I gained a bit of weight over Christmas and a lot of the bloating and fat hasn't left my face yet, so I just looked so... wide. Never again. Also, I just hate the way it overall looks considering I am and have always been alternative in my style. I rarely wear makeup now, since I don't go outside often, and because my self-esteem is in the gutters, but when I do, I like it more extreme. Nude lip colors are the worst.

Anyway, I ended up finding a few free PDFs to books I wanted to check out about witchcraft, specifically in Greco-Roman culture. I still feel like I'm getting settled in again being home after spending a month away. This always happens. The recovery time is insane, and I still have the worst sleep schedule. I've been sleeping all afternoon now, waking in the night, then staying up all the way until noon, then the cycle repeats.

I've been binge watching Selling Sunset on Netflix, I'm on season 6 right now, and I can't deny how much I love reality TV. It's so ridiculous sometimes and I love watching humans so different from me interact. I wonder why they do the things that they do. Like why publicize your life on national TV, continue to be around peope you don't like, for a cheque. Maybe the money is that good lol. It has to be otherwise I don't see the worth. It's entertaining though. It's fun studying them.