mar. 4th, '24 — removed dream journal and tech page due to inactive use. considering remodeling the site again for more simplicity.

feb. 11, '24 — finally wrote something for my writing page [gasp]. updated music obsession.

feb. 10, '24 — new art added to the digital art page. new journal entries. created the dream journal page.

feb. 9, '24 — new journal entry. created the 'tech' page, which i may or may not keep up.

feb. 7, '24 — new journal entry. updated writing page.

feb. 5, '24 — new journal entry. updated the art page and astrology page.

feb. 3, '24 — added a disclaimer for the bookshelf page and credit for the lace borders cuz i forgot.

feb. 2, '24 — bookshelf page created. new astrology entry. updated current music obsession. small tweaks on other pages.

jan. 28, '24 — new journal entry.

jan. 27, '24 — updated the shrine page, which is still a WIP. new journal entry.

jan. 26, '24 — created the astrology page.

jan. 25, '24 — updated the music page and the about page.

jan. 24, '24 — added a music page that got a bit verbose. 🗿 i ain't taking it down tho. oh, and new journal entry, fixed the 'before you enter' page, and added mobile adaptability.

jan. 22, '24 — version 2.0 launched. super happy for what i did, took the whole weekend to build it.

thank you to Simon @ Solaria for the lace borders and tutorial.

current music obsession

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march 4th, 2024 @ 12:14 PM

currently listening to: nothing

I saw Dune 2 last night. Movie of the year. I wish my mom had the whole book series instead of just the one, but the only Dune series stuff she has are the original movies from the 80s, the miniseies, and Sisterhood of Dune, which I don't think she's read. Her bookshelves are mostly Star Wars books. When my money comes in, I'll think about getting the e-books, if I can't jokingly pirate it online.

I also woke up today really, really anxious. I didn't go to sleep until maybe 3 in the morning. I was listening to the Gateway Experiment tapes online again and I started to feel that tingling, sinking feeling people often feel when it's working, but I got scared again so I snapped out of it and went to bed normally. I don't know if I'm ready for it. I have such an active mind. My internal monologue never shuts up. Ever. The only time it does is when I reach full inner peace by meditation, which usually takes about 30-45 minutes, or unless I'm high. But I'm still far too anxious to do drugs recreationally, and as helpful as that one 12hr bad trip was, I'll still try to avoid feeling that at all costs. Sometimes I think maybe I have like an actual entity that's tied to me that's just set on tormenting me by bringing up all of these negative thoughts that I have to actively train my mind to not worry about. Or I just might have OCD. Who knows.

I'm going to try and write again today. I'm not doing anything important and I have some free time this week before my test for this other course I'm taking, so I think I just want to realx, avoid the internet for a while, watch some UFC. I also need to get that jar I left outside to collect storm water.

@ 3:15 PM